La Parisienne de Baguette

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La Parisienne de Baguette

Baking is changing but
tradition remains the same.

About us

Baking is changing but tradition remains the same.

Having delicious fresh bread every day of the year, of consistent quality and in large quantities – it was in response to this need, expressed by restauranteurs, purchasing managers and distributors, that La Parisienne de Baguette was born.

It is led by Michael Lehiani, who has a background in distribution, and Michael Zana, a former director of a communications agency – two entrepreneurs convinced that it is possible to produce artisan quality bread on an industrial scale.

In 2015, driven by the ambition to “do something different”, they bought a 10,000 sq. m site in Aubervilliers where they set up an ultramodern bread production line.

Today, more than 3,000 customers already place their trust in them, continuing the La Parisienne de Baguette adventure day by day.


Unique know-how

An unprecedented combination of quality and service

La Parisienne de Baguette is the largest producer of quality fresh bread in the Greater Paris region.

Our high standards in the selection of our ingredients, our optimised production processes and our industrial choices enable us to produce very large volumes of artisan quality bread.

Our logistics service, which has more than 100 trucks, means that we already carry out more than 1,500 deliveries of bread a day, throughout France, in your choice of time slot.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, La Parisienne de Baguette is positioned as a trusted partner for caterers, supermarkets and restaurants in search of quality, service and consistency.

7days a week
24hours a day

Real added value in terms of quality and consistency of the bread

  • Fresh produce every day of the year

    Our site operates seven days a week, 365 days a year, enabling us to support our customers every day.

  • A complete range of organic bread

    Our 80 fresh breads are available in par-baked and baked ranges, as well as an organic range of course, responding to all needs.

  • Consistent quality

    We ensure the absolute stability of the composition and baking of our breads and electronically control the temperature and hygrometry of our production site, as well as the temperature of our water. It is these high standards that enable us to deliver consistently high quality bread every day, throughout the year.

  • Traditional flours

    We work exclusively with traditional, organic or Bleu Blanc Cœur flour. And since we favour locally sourced ingredients, all of our flours come from the Greater Paris region.

  • A very high hydration rate

    The hydration rate of our dough is more than 70%, compared with 50% to 60% for most bread. This makes our bread higher quality and keeps it fresher for longer.

  • Hearth-furnace style baking

    Our breads are baked exclusively in hearth-furnace effect ovens – which is rare in the industrial bakery market and offers the best guarantee of premium quality bread.

A variety of products

A complete range of fresh breads

Each day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, La Parisienne de Baguette produces and delivers a wide range of fresh, artisan quality breads on an industrial scale.

Our breads are exclusively made using traditional flour. These include Bleu Blanc Cœur and organic flour.

All our products are available par-baked or baked.

250g baguette


250g baguette, 400g loaf, sandwich bread, 30g/50g/70g rolls…

Sliced ​​breads Farmhouse, wholegrain, nuts, raisins, wholemeal

Sliced ​​breads

Farmhouse, wholegrain, nuts, raisins, wholemeal…

Traditional breads, loaf, half-loaf.

Traditional breads

Loaf, half-loaf

Breads of the world burger buns, bagels, ciabatta, pitta bread

Breads of the world

Burger buns, bagels, ciabatta, pitta bread…

Vienna range, baguette, half-baguette, chocolate chips

Vienna range

Baguette, half-baguette, chocolate chips…

Pastries, pains-au-chocolat, croissants


Pains-au-chocolat, croissants


Demanding logistics

At your service every day

La Parisienne de Baguette produces and delivers its products seven days a week, 365 days a year, throughout the Greater Paris region and with a 200km radius of Paris.

Our fleet of more than 100 delivery vehicles – the largest for fresh bread in the Paris region – our partner drivers and our location within 300m of the ring-road, allow us to achieve fast turnaround times.

Thanks to our partner Chronofood, we are also able to deliver anywhere in the country.

To place an order or for any further information, please contact us by email or by telephone on +33 (0)1 85 76 10 00.

La Parisienne de Baguette in numbers

La Parisienne de Baguette
in numbers

More than1,500deliveries a day
More than100trucks
7days a week
365days a year

A responsible company

Bread and values


La Parisienne de Baguette’s bread is made exclusively from traditional flour from the Greater Paris region. We therefore favour locally sourced ingredients. And because eating better has now become a social challenge and a major concern for our customers, we offer all our bread in versions made from organic or Bleu Blanc Cœur flour.

La Parisienne de Baguette is aware of its environmental responsibilities and has established a system of reusable containers made from food-grade plastic for its deliveries to avoid using cardboard boxes. These containers are washed daily to ensure impeccable hygiene. This innovation means that we can guarantee our customers accurate delivery volumes (each colour of container corresponds to a precise quantity of baguettes) and considerably reduces waste generated by our deliveries.

Our company is therefore firmly rooted in the industrial tradition of its town.

Finally, La Parisienne de Baguette also takes its social responsibilities seriously. Despite a high level of automation, the installation of our production unit in Aubervilliers has created no fewer than 120 jobs (artisan bakers, line operators, administrative staff, order pickers and maintenance staff, without even counting the delivery drivers). More than 60% of our employees come from Seine-Saint-Denis. Our company is therefore firmly rooted in the industrial tradition of its town.


Contact us

28 rue André Karman
93300 Aubervilliers
+33 (0)1 85 76 10 00
Sales service
+33 (0)1 85 76 10 02